Which Games Can I Host on My Game Server?

Which Games Can I Host on My Game Server?


Online games are excellent because you can play them even in your old home systems. So if you are looking for the best games to play on vps game server , we listed them in this article. This list includes free and premium games that you have to pay for them.


Play Unknown’s Battlegrounds, in short PUBG, is one of the most popular online games. It is the vastest and enjoyable royal battle. There are several royal battle games, but PBUG is at the top of them. PBUG offers you various gameplay that can cause addiction to them, but it’s still the first rank of the best online computer games you can play.

PBUG concentrates on survival gameplay on an extensive basis. In this game, you are a resident of a large island and keep your properties from marauders. You can set an alliance with others, but everyone can kill you be a marauder. So you should kill people that are not your friends, and the winner stays alone in the end.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite is another game that you can play online on your computer. Fortnite is a vast and multiplayer survival game. It includes an incredible royal battle. If you are a lover of royal battle games and tend to be in an enormous game world, this game is for you. This game involves colorful characters that are beyond the limitations. You can activate the mode of Player vs. Environment and play in a team against the enemy, which computer controls it.

This game is a complete combination of gathering resources games like Minecraft and survival games like PUBG. If you tend to enjoy a multiplayer game, Fortnite is confidently a suitable game.

3. Overwatch

Overwatch Deve is one of the best first-person games in recent years. According to Overwatch’s attractive gameplay and colorful graphics, millions of people like to play this game. Each character has a long backstage that tells you what it does. Overwatch is an excellent combination of shooters and MOBA that offers you the best of them in the world. You can gain the fast gameplay of a shooter with MOBA elements. This combination enables you to overcome enemies.

In a 5v5 match, your goal is to kill all of your competitors. Overwatch is a shooter game that worth playing.

4. DoTA 2

DoTA 2 is precisely a trail of DoTA special status of Warcraft 3 and one of the most popular MOBAs. DoTA 2 is deep strategic gameplay that may be complicated for beginners. This game includes tutorials and guidance for helping beginners.

DoTA 2 is a simple MOBA, and you play in five people and join another five people team. The main target is to destroy the enemy team. You should make solutions to overcome the enemy. This game is entirely free.

5. CS: GO

CS is a first-person shooting game on the computer. Global Offensive is the direct version of this game that has many followers.

Devil groups have bombs, and they have to set them at particular points on the map, and CT has to deactivate the bombs. CS is an attractive strategic game with known goals. This game has a free trial version that you can experience before paying the entire cost of it.

6. Rocket League

If you combine an emotional match with football, you will have a sensational game. Rocket league attracts lovers of football and competition. You can set up a team with one or two gamers and challenge gamers all around the world. You can play with multiple players in split mode and enjoy the online broadcast.

7. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has an incredible fable story. Destiny 3 is one of the best online games that gain a lot of interest in google, Stadia, and Steam. This game has two kinds of gameplay. In the first one, you play against the computer, and in the second one, you can set it to 2 people groups or three peoples group and a maximum size of 6*6. The game’s plot includes an extroverted universe, and there is an armageddon in the last city. This game is such a beautiful game.

Game VP

One of the main issues prevailing in the gaming world is the speed of systems and games. If your game has lag or delay in action, you won’t enjoy the game, and some time may cause it to crash.

Online games host on online servers that enable gamers from distant locations to play. This server has to be powerful to execute the game. One solution is a fully dedicated server. But it is so expensive, and in many cases, the community of the game is small, and you don’t need a complete dedicated server. Client servers can’t execute the game appropriately. At this time, the best answer to the problem is a game VPS. You can hire game VPS from Routerhosting and enjoy the online games without lag or latency.